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The Road to Recovery

Mainstream House has helped countless addicts get on the road to recovery by providing a safe environment and reinforcing the lifestyle choices that lead to long-term recovery and reintegration to mainstream society.

Doc has 10 years clean

Doc, 14 years clean

"The recovery in the Riverhead area is outstanding. The meetings are everywhere, N.A. or A.A. The meetings keep me clean but it was the fact that I had a safe clean environment to go home to that gave me the ability to stay in recovery. The fact that I lived with guys that were struggling to make it on there own made the bond between us unbreakable; we became family. We learned that we were not alone and that together nothing could stop us.  The life I lead today never would have happened if I had not gone to The Mainstream House."

Tiffany is a recoverin addict

Tiffany, Recovering Addict

"Mainstream house for Women saved my life. I couldn’t stop using and had nowhere to go. My life was completely unmanageable. I was introduced to Bobby Hartmann and moved into the Mainstream House for Women. The atmosphere was positive, beautiful, and clean. I was able to to live in a beautiful clean house where I had a structure to help me stay clean and that was close to so many twelve step meetings. When any of my friends or family need help, I always recommend they spend time at Mainstream House."

Shawn is a recovering alcoholic

Shawn, Recovering Alcoholic

"I was on a downward spiral for years until I found Mainstream House.  Detox, rehabs and jail were not enough to stop my alcoholic behavior.  I needed structure, and Mainstream House provided that.  They make it a priority for you to attend meetings, outpatient programs, find a sponsor, get a homegroup, get a commitment and work your way back into society as a productive member of the community.  I don't know where I would be without Mainstream House."

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Ricky Byrd

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer & Recovery Troubadour Ricky Byrd brings his recovery music groups into Mainstream

Good addicton recovery homes

Robert Hartmann’s supporters attested to his ability to run a good addiction recovery house at Riverhead Town Hall Tuesday

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Mainstream House Golf Outing

Sports legends, golfers help support N.Y. addiction recovery center at the Mainstream House Golf Outing

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Mainstream Houe Cleans up the streets of Riverhead

Cleaning up streets — and lives: Riverhead man helps recovering addicts after his own battle with addiction

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