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Mainstream House are working recovery homes located in Riverhead, NY. Since 2004 we’ve helped countless people recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Our program is designed to provide a safe atmosphere to build a strong foundation in early recovery and develop healthy habits that lead to a life free from active addiction.

Why Mainstream House?


A short distance from 12 step meetings, several out-patient treatment locations, employment opportunities, higher-education opportunities, shopping, and several beaches and other recreational activities.


We believe that a safe environment is a requirement in early recovery. As such, clients are drug-tested regularly and the home inspected several times daily to ensure an atmosphere of recovery is maintained.


Mainstream house has been guiding clients through early recovery since 2004. We have seen countless clients get on the road to recovery and go on to live successful and happy lives free from active addiction.

Meet the Team

"One can live a life beyond their wildest dreams without the use of drugs or alcohol."

Robert Hartmann Jr is the Mens House Director for Mainstream Housing

Men's House Director
Robert Hartmann Jr.

We are proud Members of The Association of Addiction Recovery Homes of New York and we work closely with the New York Unified Court System and the Drug Courts.

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